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White Papers 

Complete "white papers" that explain and illustrate the following topics: 

1) "Post-it once" solution - publisher /server side benefits & savings 

2) "Wire once" solution - publishers strategy to support multiple clients and 
evolving protocols 

3) Case/ success story from three different production service clients, all from 
different application areas. 

a) "Classic" publisher 

b) Catalog 

c) customer service/help desk 

4) Dangers of using only WWW to gain access to the Internet 

5) Take "protocol paper" and illustrate why WAIS Inc.'s Z39.50 is a must over other 
Z39.50 implementations 

6) Why WAIS Z39.50 and WAISgate are the "best" http server available 

Determine next step for marketing documents /sales aids developed to date. 

- Users group 

- WAISgate 

- FreeWAIS 0.2 vs. WAIS Inc. 1.1 

- FreeWAIS 0.3 vs. WAIS Inc. 2.0 

- WAIS Z39.50 paper 

- WAIS Forwarder 



Develop a fold-out of the "picture" that illustrates WAIS Inc. products including a clear 
depiction of: 

- Custom Parser Toolkit 

- Indexer 

- Search & Retrieval w/ Boolean 

- Z39.50 (WAIS Inc.) 

- WAISgate 

- WAIS Forwarder 

Including benefits of "wire-once" and "post-it once": 

Page 1 (front) = WAIS logo, statements from corporate objectives, Bruce /John 
handout for Internet World 94. 

Page 2+3 (open) = "the picture" & easy-to-see depiction of six major features above 
w /benefits 

Page 4 (back) = Production services blurb stressing Internet expertise/features. Full 
service offering pitch. 


White papers on competition - what they are doing, how they do it, where they are 
better, where WAIS Inc. is better, etc. Included in this list are: 



BRS (Dataware) 




Lead Generation 

Trade shows - how many, where, target market 
Order booth by 


PR policy - continuing to push WAIS/Brewster message like the NY Times, Red 
Herring, MicroTimes stuff 

Guest Speaking 

- major vendor seminars like SUN, HP, DEC, etc. 

- Conferences/ shows like ASIDIC, Seybold 


WAIS Inc.-sponsored seminars that in first half discuss: 

• History - MIT, TMC, WAIS coalition 

® Product - need for archiving/ indexing 

• Need for good client software & for good server software 

Second half: 

® Look what others are doing on the Internet, with guest speakers from Dow J 

Encyclopedia Britannica, Scholastic 
® Demo - publishers, catalogs, retailers, customer service, etc. 

• If you want to "post it" on the Internet, consider (outline /document) 

List of seminars an issue - also the need for seminars to be developed with a 
Washington DC spin 

Technical Writing 

Manual for WAIS Server 2.0 
Manual for WAISgate 

Production Services tools/aids 

Outline of considerations for those who want to publish on the Internet 

- "What is your objective by having an Internet presence?" 

- "Do you want your customers to be able to browse only (WWW), search by 

category (WAIS), have as broad access as possible (client interfaces and gateways 
such as WAISgate)?" 


White papers on WAIS Inc.'s partnering agreements (one per) for non-search engine 

• Ensemble 

• Mosaic Communications Corp. 

• etc. 

Spreading the Word 

Once materials are in place, then what words /programs are disseminated from which 

• PR firms 

• Newspaper & magazine articles 

• Speaking engagements 

• WAIS Inc.-sponsored seminars 
® Advertising